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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Undergraduate Scholarships at Boston University, USA

There is one undergraduate scholarship at Boston University that is open to international enthusiasts. Trustee Scholarship. This scholarship is full of tuition fees as well as other mandatory fees that must be incurred while undergoing studies at Boston University, USA. Trustee Scholarship is an outstanding scholarship targeting international candidates who have outstanding academic achievements and have a good leadership spirit.

Trustee Scholarship recipients can extend scholarships for up to four years and are open to all majors at the Boston University undergraduate program. Each year 20 quota of scholarships is provided for international candidates who meet the criteria. Many of the scholarship recipients are high school graduates with perfect grades and typically fit into the 5 - 10 percent of the best students in the class.

Requirements for Scholarship Boston University:
1. Have outstanding academic achievement results
2. Have perspective, intellectual and creative courage, and extraordinary experience and achievement
3. Unique to the campus community that offers various intellectual, cultural and social opportunities

Application document:
1. Essay (maximum 600 words)
2. Results SAT or ACT Plus Writing
3. TOEFL or IELTS results (iBT TOEFL minimum 90, minimum IELTS 7.0)

Create an essay by answering the questions provided below (choose one). The essay question is quoted from the Boston University ( page:

1. Some have described the world-wide appeal of populism-a grass-roots force of the political and cultural elite, the attraction to common-sense solutions, and an upsurge in ethnic, religious, or national pride-as-a response to the upheavals of globalization. Over the past decades, technology and global trade have cost jobs and emptied cities, income inequality has grown exponentially, and, for many, the values ​​of community and identity seem more threatened today than ever before.

In your view, is the appeal of the populism a necessary and positive corrective to the challenges of globalization, an unrealistic or inadequate response to the current age, or some combination of both? Is it an example of democracy at its best or a danger to democratic institutions?

2. Biospecimens routinely taken during medical procedures such as blood tests, biopsies, and surgeries can be important source for research into a variety of diseases. In some cases, this research has led to breakthroughs in the development of new drugs and therapies. While protocols are now widespread requiring explicit conservation of the genetic material, that are unknown today.

Do you believe patients should give their consent before any biospecimens from their bodies may be used for research? Must all possible areas of research be specified? In cases where the research leads to commercially viable treatments should they or their families be compensated?

3. The German poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe wrote: "One can not escape the world more certainly than through art, and one can not bind oneself to it more certainly than through art."

With extended reference one novel, poem, play, piece of music, or work of art, please discuss what you believe this sentence to mean.

The essays are published on the online application page as part of enrollment at Boston University. Maximum 600 words.

Scholarship Boston University registration does not require a separate application. So applicants simply sign up to Boston University and choose one of the preferred S1 programs. It's just that applicants should look at the registration documents requested by each program. The above SAT and TOEFL/IELTS results are attached with other requested registration documents, such as copies of diplomas and transcripts, school recommendations, copies of passports, etc.

Application Scholarship Boston University submission must be done at the least December 1st. Regarding the question, can contact tel. 617-353-2320 or take a look at the Boston University ( page


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